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Above and Beyond Tents are clean and well-maintained. They range in colors, from white to red, white and blue, and sizes from 10’x20’ to 52’x196’.

The tent rental includes Above and Beyond setting up the day before an event and taking down the day after. Sidewalls, lighting, dance floors and many other accessories can be rented to enhance your event. Lighting options include globe lights, miniature lights, LED uplights, and incandescent bulbs and are priced below. If added to the contract, the sidewalls, lights, and dance floor will also be installed by Above and Beyond workers as well.

To reserve tents weeks, months or a year ahead, set up a contract. Tents are in demand and, to insure tents for any occasion, it’s best to reserve far in advance. Site size is the size of the tent plus the length needed for the ropes and stakes or anchors.

How to Figure Costs

A one day rental includes setting up the day before the event and taking down the day after the event by Above and Beyond Tents. EX: A wedding that is on Saturday will be setup on Friday and taken down on Sunday for a one day rental.

To figure cost, determine the size of the tent(s) needed and the number of days the tent will be in use. If you wish to have sides on the tent and/or lights, just add the additional costs listed for the appropriate size.

The distance used to calculate mileage cost is simply the distance from Moberly to the tent site. Travel is free for the first 25 miles and the cost is $5 per mile for every mile after 25 miles from Moberly. (Example: A location 50 miles from Moberly would be 50 – 25 = 25 miles X $5 per mile = $100.)

When installing large floors or stages an extra vehicle may sometimes be needed. In these cases an extra mileage charge of $100 may be added for distances 50 miles or greater.


If your tent is going to be set up on top of or near utility lines (water, electric, sewer, etc), it is CRUCIAL you have the property marked before we set up the tent. In fact, it's the law. Dig-Rite usually takes 3 business days to mark the land and they can be reached at 1-800-344-7483. They require 10 days notice. When asked, we'll be using stakes, the depth will be 36", and the size will be your tent size, adding 15 to each length and width. (Example: a 20 X 40 will be 32 X 52) Above and Beyond Tents can refuse to set up a tent if Dig-Rite has not marked the land for utilities.


A non-refundable deposit of approximately 25% of the total is required when the contract is returned. The tent is reserved upon return of the contract and down payment. The down payment is non-refundable due to the fact that the tent is no longer rentable to other customers, who will be turned away. The final payment is due prior to setting up the tent. The customer may mail payment in sufficient time to be received prior to setting up, or deliver final payment to Above and Beyond Tents at the time of set-up.

Payment Methods

Any payment to Above and Beyond Tents can be made through cash or check. A 3% additional fee is applied to all payments made via Credit Card.

June 1st - July 10th

Notice: Due to the demand of tents during the Fireworks season there will be a price increase of 30% for rentals of 1 week or longer between June 1st and July 10th.

White Tent Prices

Tent Size Site Size Seating 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day One Week Sidewalls Standard Lights Globe Light
10 X 2010 x 2020$124$138$159$173$40$21
20 X 2030 x 3040$196$242$289$435$69$28$50
20 x 20 Frame22 x 2240$366$414$462$607$69$28$50
20 x 30 Frame22 x 3260$435$489$552$704$104$41$80
20x40 Frame22x4266-80$497$566$649$821$124$55$110
38 Round50 Round110-116$552$676$807$1,111$124$62$150
38x62 Oval50x72196-235$745$897$1,090$1,490$200$97$200
38x86 Oval50x98272-326$938$1,132$1,359$1,877$248$131$300
38x110 Oval50x124350-418$1,428$1,718$2,056$2,864$345$207$350
52 Round64 Round240-270$897$1,076$1,304$1,787$166$110$175
52x76 Oval64x88330-395$1,311$1,573$1,898$2,615$262$166$250
38x134 Oval50x146424-510$1,656$1,987$2,318$3,015$283$207$300
52x100 Oval64x112433-520$1,718$2,070$2,484$3,443$304$242$350
38x158 Oval50x170424-510$1,925$2,315$2,729$3,719$321$276NA
52x124 Oval64x136537-645$2,132$2,560$2,974$3,995$338$311NA
52x148 Oval64x160640-770$2,546$3,048$3,594$4,583$345$316NA
52x172 Oval64x184745-894$2,960$3,551$4,263$5,670$460$414NA
52x196 Oval64x202849-1019$3,420$4,106$4,922$6,549$500$449NA

*Seating estimates do not include space for dance floors or round tables, which require a larger area for the same number of tables.

Colored Tent Prices

W=White, R=red, B=Blue, Y=Yellow, G=green

Tent Size Site Size Color Seating 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day One Week Sidewalls Standard Lights Globe Light
38 Round50 RoundY,W110-116$552$676$807$1,111$124$62150
38x62 Oval50x72Y,W196-235$745$897$1,090$1,490$200$97200
38x86 Oval50x98Y,W272-326$938$1,132$1,359$1,877$248$131300

*Seating estimates do not include space for dance floors or round tables, which require a larger area for the same number of tables.

Tables & Chairs

  • 8’ tables are $10 each and $2.50 for each additional day.
  • 60” Round Tables are $10 each and $2.50 for each additional day.
  • 24” pub tables are available as high-top or regular height.
    They rent $8 each and $2.00 for each additional day.
  • Chairs are rent for $1.00 each with a charge of $0.50 for each additional day.

Dance Floors

Our solid and sturdy dance floors come in 4’x8’ sections and the dimensions of the floor can be customized based upon the 4’x8’ sections. Although our floors are place upon a wooden foundation for leveling, you need a fairly level area. Flooring is $35 per 4’x8’ section. An additional $100 will be added if two vehicles are needed to drive over 50 miles. The following table gives the cost for some common sizes.

Size in Feet Suggested People Rental Price
12' x 16' Under 200 $210
16' x 16' Under 200 $280
16' x 20' 200 - 300 $350
16' x 24' 200 - 300 $420
20' x 24' 200 - 300 $450
24' x 24' 300 or more $480


Stages are commonly used for DJs, bands, or head tables. Many brides use them to elevate the wedding party to make the head table more visible to the people in attendance.

The height of the stage can vary depending upon its purpose. Common stage heights are 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, or 22” tall.

Size in Feet Rental Price
8' x 16' $150
16' x 16' $300
16' x 24' $450
24' x 24' $675

Globe Lighting

Also known as bistro lighting, these round, incandescent bulbs add a simple but elegant feel to a tent. General layouts are pre-made for each tent but can be slightly modified to fit the site’s electrical requirements.

Beaded Crystal Center Pole Columns & Chandeliers

Beaded crystal columns hang around the tent center poles, providing an elegant look for weddings or other upscale events. We also have matching chandeliers that can be suspended over dance floors, head tables, etc. These columns and chandeliers are beautiful but do not provide sufficient lighting by themselves. You will likely want additional lighting. Beaded columns and chandeliers are $50 each.

Brass Chandeliers

Brass chandeliers can be hung on a cord between center poles. Chandeliers can be rented for $35 a piece. Some clients have found these brass chandeliers to provide enough lighting for the mood they were trying to achieve..

LED Uplights

Our LED uplights are high quality and rated for outdoor and indoor use. These lights are powerful, have many settings, and can be set to almost any color. They are energy efficient and have many purposes which include, but are not limited to…

  • Lighting beaded columns
  • Dance floor lighting
  • Accent lighting to add a glow to the tent
  • Lighting up signs inside the tent
  • The LED uplights rent for $35 each or $100 for a set of 3.

Extension Cords

100 foot extension cords can be rented for $15 apiece.


Patio radiant heaters can be rented for $25 each plus $25 for the tank of propane. These work great for warming up a tent. Column Propane fire pits are also available for outside the tent. Their open flame make them great for outside seating areas.

Berrygood Services

Frank and Jackie Berry, the previous owners of Berrygood Tents, taught school for years and ended up selling fireworks during the summers off. Although they have sold the business to Luke and Heather, they remain very active with the business and still provide some services including their four fireworks stands, fireworks displays for events, and Porta-potties. If you are interested in any of these services feel free to contact Luke or Heather.


Frank provides firework displays for special events. If you choose fireworks for your wedding, and plan ahead with your photographer, you can get some beautiful pictures and memories. A display lasting 6-7 minutes is $800, and one lasting 9-10 minutes is $1000 and is a unique way to entertain your guests! Each display is a continuous sky full of various aerial bursts with many colors and effects building to a huge, high energy finale. * Some restrictions apply to where fireworks may be shot off.

Lattice Work

Lattice can be rented to decorate either at the poles or other strategic spots of your choice for $5 apiece for a 2’ X 8’ sheet. Lattice is considered decoration and is not installed by Berrygood.

Porta Potties

The Berrys also have Porta Potties which can be rented at $175 for a pair and $40 for each additional day.